Along Came March

Along came March, then.

There is something special with this month; it could be something related to the fact that the long winter is ending, at well last, and new life is finally awaken. There is even something compelling in the very name, a somewhat martial quality: March! It talks about movement, about development, not necessarily about careful planning though, but there’s a force arising in that name. March.

Then you have the origin of the name, back to the Romans and their gods. There was this god of war, Mars, to whom the first month of spring, hence the first in the campaigning season, was consecrated.

Well. Up till now we have a god of war, the surging of a new life, something on the move; but, what’s all this to do with History? Let’s go back again to the Romans. There was a ruler there, once. Popular. A military genius. Probably loved by his peace hungry people. He was having second thoughts on the idea of becoming a sort of king; some of his closest associates were having their own thoughts about not having a king whatsoever. The Ides of March, 44 B.C, precisely the commemoration of the god Mars was the chosen date for the assassination of Julius Caesar, and the beginning of a chain of events wich, in turn, lead to the advent of the Empire.

March had its comings and its goings through History.; Augustus became Pontifex Maximus; The Royal Canadian Mounted Police was formed; Germany occupied Austria; The Babylonians captured Jerusalem; yet another eruption of Mount Etna in 1699 killed over 20000 people. Business as usual for Mother Nature…That is a relevant point, a path. March is a bloody month. It’s not only that little incident with Caesar, Let’s see…

In the first day of March, 1244, the so-called crusaders finally took the Albigensian fortress of Montsegur. It was not as if it had been a clean war with all that fuss about God recognising Thy people amidst the corpses, but the final episode was surely amongst the more bitter moments of a war fought not only nor mainly for religious reasons, as we will see.

There must be something in the air, something in the promise of a new hope that makes March so apt for revolutions. Or maybe it’s just the desperation piling up during the long dark hours of winter, waiting the flimsiest opportunity to explode. What was it in Boston 1770? Hunger for freedom? Or just was it a braggart gone too far? Whatever happened, blood lead the way to a new world era. And the romantic streets of Paris, so often plenty of barricades astride XVIII and XIX centuries, were really in need of yet another bloodbath during the events known as La Comune? Was it the best of times for the people to try to grab the power just when their country was under control of Prussia and a cruel war was recently lost? Would ever be enough blood shed to quench Mars eternal thirst?

Or it’s just that the new sprouts need all that blood to grow strong and create the spring of History? Keep on reading, and you may get to know.

One thought on “Along Came March

  1. A most fascinating collaboration you have here. We Ragged Ramblers are honoured indeed to find that you have included us in your blog roll. We will reciprocate!

    ~ Munro Tweeder-Harris, Esq.
    The Ragged Society of Antiquarian Ramblers


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