Nu History Podcast

In October 2020 we had the pleasure to launch our brand new podcast. Lilly and Alex host a diverse series of talks, with the help of James and different guests and experts in their respective fields.

You can listen through Spotify below, or head to Anchor for links to follow on Apple, Google and wherever else you get your podcasts.

Episode 8: Legal Records and Bear Gardens

In this episode, we are joined by Dr. Dan Gosling, the Early Modern Legal Records Specialist at the National Archives. We discuss the use of legal records as a source, and all the untapped potential that is there through the example of a London bear garden!

Episode 7 – Classical Art and Architecture

In this episode, the Nu History regular cast is joined by the incredible Analisa from Accessible Art History to discussed art and architecture pieces from the golden ages of ancient Rome and Greece.

Episode 6 – The Origins of Warfare

In this episode, the Nu History regular cast formed by Alex, Lilly and James talk about the origing of warfare since prehistory and their evolution up to ancient Greece, covering military powere such as Sparta.

Episode 5 – Late Medieval Kings and Kingmakers

In this episode we talk to Dr. Alex Brondarbit, Academic Analyst in the division of Academic Affairs at University of California, and author of two books on late Medieval nobility, power and advancement. We discuss his recent work particularly around English kings and power brokers. We also talk about the experience of getting history books written and published in this day and age.

Episode 4 – Beowulf and the Anglo Saxons

Lilly and Alex are joined by Dr. Elton Medeiros (Sao Paulo, Brazil), a historian and “nerd guy about Beowulf” (his own words), who is here to talk about some of his recent work and projects, mostly relating to Beowulf of course!

Episode 3 – Historical  Videogames

Lilly and Alex are joined again by James for a conversation about the crossover of two of their favourite things, Videogames and History. Covering academic aspects of the fields such as historiography, as well as reviewing some iconic releases of 2020 and what they say about popular culture and history.


Episode 2 – Vikings and Slavs

Lilly and Alex are joined by Natalia Radziwiłłowicz who is currently working on a PhD on Scandinavian and Slavic interactions during the Viking age around Pomerania/the southern Baltic coast.

Episode 1 – History in a Pandemic

Introducing the Nu History podcast! Hosts Lilly and Alex are joined by James to talk about our different perspectives on how the Covid-19 pandemic has and will effect history, particularly in museums, academia and reenactment!